We have just received a huge shipment of flour sack towels that you may purchase individually, or add them as an accent to an arrangement of your choice.

As these towels have been in the shop, we’re often asked:  “What on Earth IS a flour sack towel?”


Truth is, that they are exactly their name.  They were used solely for sacks of flour, but then were soon after discovered that they could be used for a number of household chores and uses.  These particular towels are extremely absorbent and can pick up any mess with a simple wipe.  (Look out micro-mini-super-towels that you see on those late night infomercials, the old original flour sack is still the best choice)  From kitchen to deck to bar to garage to garden to porch to bathroom… these towels love a good challenge and will certainly be your cleanup sidekick.  Who knew such a charming-looking towel could be so tough?


We have them themed to wines!

Yesterday, a lovely lady waltzed into our shop and immediately recognized this super towel and told us that she uses it on her hair after stepping out of the shower.  “It stops my hair from frizzing…don’t ask me how, I just know that it does” she chuckled, as I made a note to mention that to any ladies out there that might like to try it for themselves.

Like I said, we have these charming super towels in stock.  We have them with floral designs, wine-themed, and other designs to fit your personality!  Individually, or grouped together with other charming gift items.  Stop by and see us!

Perfect for Mothers Day.